bullet-cogDoes your concentration / brain fog let you down in the pursuit of your goals?

bullet-cogDo you feel you face barriers in realising your academic, professional or human potential?

bullet-cogAre you unclear about your sense of identity, direction in life, and life goals?

bullet-cogDo you have difficulty organising your life into a coherent and meaningful whole?

bullet-cog Are you socially misinterpreted at work as cold, distant, dumb or uncaring?

bullet-cogDo you struggle with finding motivation to achieve your goals, despite expending effort?

bullet-cogDo procrastination / pessimism/ fatigue / low self-esteem / guilt dominate your life?

bullet-cogDo you wonder how chronic pain, obesity, poor sleep quality and hormones interact to impact concentration, mood and anxiety?

bullet-cogDo you want an Integrative approach that addresses mind, body, brain and for some, soul?

bullet-cogHave you experienced how Adult ADD, depression and repressed trauma co-exist and manifest negatively in your life?

# Do you wish to engage in a process of psychodynamic mentoring to design your life structure & avoid illness?

Dr Kieran Forster

Dr Kieran Forster referral: All prospective patients should arrange a referral letter from their general practitioner, as well as their own email summary of why they want to see Dr Forster.

This is a depth process psychiatry practice. Limited spaces are available so not all referrals can be accepted. This practice does NOT prescribe medication in the absence of an established, ongoing, collaborative therapeutic relationship.

Re ADD : Please understand that most referrals start with a question as to whether someone HAS ADD, and that Dr Forster has both an ethical and legal duty to come to HIS OWN conclusions on this point. The diagnosis of Adult ADD in psychiatry is NOT an easy tick and flick algorithm and reasonable minds can differ. Dr Forster encourages new patients to seek a second opinion if they disagree with his initial working hypothesis. Equally, Dr Forster asks that patients respect his right to hold a contrary opinion to theirs. ALL psychiatrists are qualified to diagnose Adult ADD so Dr Forster’s initial diagnosis is not the final word on whether you have ADD.

Better Minds Clinic

(Located within Westside Eye Doctors)

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e: mail@drkieranforster.com.au

5/180 Moggill Road
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Patient parking available onsite and on street

Other rooms (IDOS only)

50 Cleveland Street
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